Indoor Workout that Simulates Bike-Run Brick

by GReeves on April 4, 2011

While training outdoors is the preferred training workout especially when the weather is nice, however,  often times you will get much more out of an indoor focused workout. Training indoors allows you to train and focus on the specific workout without being concerned about traffic/weather/interruptions such as stop signs, traffic lights and the likes. The following workout not only closely simulates the bike-run brick workout, but it helps with strength/resistance training. Lastly, this is also a good time-crunched intense workout that can be done at anytime.

After a good/easy 15-20 minute warm-up on the bike trainer, perform the following workout: Start with 5 sets of this workout however continue to build-up to 10 sets then 15 sets and then 20 sets depending on your race distance goal – meaning if you are doing an Olympic distance, 5 sets would work fine for that distance however if you are doing an ironman or double ironman, set an ultimate goal to be able to do 20 sets.

Main Workout – 5 minutes on the bike trainer standing with a cadence of 60-65 RPMs with an effort of 70-75 percent effort. Then immediately get on a squat rack. You can also use a hack-squat machine as well. (no rest in between and do with bike shoes still on –  just be careful with your footing) pick a weight that you can do 30-50 reps. You’re legs should be burning and screaming toward the last 10 or so reps. The 5 minute standing on the trainer and set of squats is considered 1 set.

As soon as you have completed the squats, immediately get back on the bike trainer and start on set number 2. There is no rest in between the sets for the entire workout. Again, build-up to the number of sets that you can do. This is an intense workout that you will find will really simulate the feel of getting off the bike and running. This workout will not only help you focus on the bike-run brick that we all know is a challenge but will help you build strength and endurance.

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