Beyond The Iron
A training guide for ultradistance triathlons By Wayne Kurtz


Beyond The IronBeyond the Iron provides an in-depth overview of the types of events that take place around the world, offers specific training ideas/schedules, and helps you design a plan that meets your needs. Before you sign up, I want you to know this should be an interactive experience. You will not be able to successfully tackle the challenge of an Ultra Ironman triathlon without commitment, goal setting, tenacity, and more importantly desire; but through the use of my training programs including the most important component – mental training. I hope to help you reach your goal and achieve your dream of triumphantly soaring over the finish line. As I have experienced, these races are full of lifetime memories and life changing experiences.

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Before I launch into my program, I want to give you an introduction as to why I am the man best suited to guide you through this incredible mental and physical journey to help you successfully train for these exceptional triathlons. My name is Wayne Kurtz, and I am the founder of and Endurance Racing Report ( I have a lifelong passion for racing in various endurance sport races throughout the world. I quite simply love this sport. In fact, I live for it and it’s part of my makeup. Over the last 25 years, I have gone up against and triumphed over hundreds of endurance race events that the average athlete would not dare to test – but not me! I thrive on the adrenalin and feel an unparalleled passion about the challenge, strength and endurance required not just of your physical body but the test of your mental stamina to hang in there and confront yourself; keep going even when you are physically exhausted and your mind simply takes over, pushing and challenging you to never give into physical defeat. Yet I am not a man defined only by my dedication to the Ultra distance triathlon challenge. I love and appreciate all physical endurance and other athletic challenges, including ultra running races, cycling races, snowshoe races at various distances and other long distance endurance events. My recent focus’s include the Double, Quintuple, DECA Triathlon, 100-mile and multi-day running events. My journey to learn how to properly train and prepare for these events continues to evolve each year. And now I am in the fortunate position to share some of this knowledge and insight with you – so you too can successfully train and prepare both mentally and physically to pursue your goals. In preparing you for these events, I am going to give you specific training plans and expertise that will apply to ultra distance triathlons. I understand that every athlete has his or her specific goals and reasons for attempting and racing in whatever event he or she decides; but overall most would agree that the journey to the finish line is what resonates in most athlete’s minds – and most certainly in my own. Throughout all of my racing experiences and challenges, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve found out more about myself; I’ve traveled to some memorable places; I’ve bonded with and created lifelong friendships that will continue to touch and define my life. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of athletes, race directors and others round the world where the sport has become a community for me. A place where I have dear friends and supporters I know I could count on for just about anything. If you’re ready to train and prepare yourself for the mental and physical tests required to succeed at these ultra distance endurance events then please use Beyond the Ironman to its fullest potential to help you achieve your goals. ~ Wayne Kurtz    

Beyond the Iron is written for those athletes interested in learning how to train for the next level of the Ironman Triathlon – the Ultra-Distance Triathlons which includes the Double Ultra Triathlon distance up to Deca Triathlon (also Double Deca Triathlon) .

Don’t do an Ultra-Distance Triathlon before you’ve read this comprehensive, experience-based book. Beyond The Iron will save you from a lot of mistakes.”

~ Matt Fitzgerald, senior writer/editor, Competitor Group, Inc.

Ultra triathlons have always been a bit of a mystery for triathletes. Here Wayne Kurtz unravels the mystery and helps you get on-track for going really long.”

~ Joe Friel, coach and author, Triathlete’s Training Bible

Right out of the gates, Wayne Kurtz, lays down the groundwork for all of us that have come to the point in our sporting career in which we ask the question ‘What’s next?’ He embarks on a journey that illustrates what challenges lay ahead of ‘regular-distance’ events, wrapping the imagination, dreams and goals of athletes determined to push their own physical and mental boundaries in with his passion for enduring the thrill of outdoor pursuit. Kurtz eloquently guides us through the process of making the transition from competing in events that we consider the norm to greater distance and modified format; all the while maintaining an excitement for the same sports that got us all started. Beyond the Iron is a must-have guide for any athlete aspiring to achieve the mental fortitude and physical conditioning that will bring us to that next level.”

~ Joel Perrella, editor, Breathe Magazine

I first got to know Wayne in 2006 at the inaugural 24 Hours of Triathlon. His perpetually sunny disposition revealed that he loved what he was doing and was doing what he loved. This attitude pervaded the race and proved infectious. In my experience, these are qualities essential to long-term success at Ultra Triathlons, as I hope you will discover for yourself!”

~ Ian Adamson, 7x Adventure Race World Champion, 3x Guinness World Record Holder for Endurance Kayaking, 3x Eco-Challenge Winner, ESPN X-Games Gold medalist, and author Runner’s World Guide to Adventure Racing

Today, the world’s great adventurers look inward rather than outward for unexplored regions to conquer. Wayne Kurtz is such an adventurer, constantly chasing his own physical, emotional and spiritual capabilities to their very edge by tackling seemingly impossible feats of ultra-endurance. After years living in regions few dare explore, Wayne has returned with a map; this book is his invitation to view that map and chart the course to your own greatest adventure.”

~ Will Laughlin, record-setting ultra-distance runner and founder of

Straight forward and informative, yet not without the love — the passion that is the race … Beyond The Iron is not only user friendly, but good-guy friendly — like having your best friend walk you through it.”

~ David Moreno, world-class yoga instructor,

Wayne knows the true pulse of the ultra-distance industry. Beyond the Iron is a must-read for athletes who are looking, training for, and competing in ultra-distance races. This book offers a complete training program and advice to getting into and through some of the world’s most challenging ultra-distance events. As a trusted colleague, I value his advice and wisdom and look forward to seeing more of Wayne in the news and in the record books. From the marathoner looking for the next distance challenge to the experience ultra distance racer, this book must be on your book shelf!”

~ Alix Shutello, publisher, Runners Illustrate

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