George Reeves – Athletic Background

RacePeak George ReevesI have been a competitive cyclist for just over 20 years in mountain biking and as a cyclist (CAT 2).  About two and a half years ago (June 2008), I had taken-up running as a way to cross-train for cycling. A local sprint duathlon is all it took for me to jump into Triathlons. My first Triathlon was a Double Ironman where I had placed 4th overall and my first ever organized running race was a 31 mile ULTRA Marathon where I came in 1st place. I have always had a passion and interest for Endurance and ULTRA Distance racing as it is not only the ultimate test and challenge of your body but also your mind.

Over my 20 plus years of racing and competing, I have and continue to do extensive and exhaustive research into every aspect of my training including: training techniques/functional strength training/nutrition/diet/mental training/equipment among others. I have tried and experimented with many techniques and training programs and have included and implemented those most beneficial and valuable into my training. And as a result of my research/studying, I have created training plans and techniques have proved beneficial in my racing and goals. There is an interesting statistic worth mentioning; our bodies/abilities are 67% genetic which means we only can modify/change/improve 33%. That’s the bad news, the good news is that through proper training/diet etc, we can significantly maximize and improve the 33% that we can control. And by example, I have absolutely no family history/genetic background of athletic ancestors, however, through my learning, experiences and training, I have been able to continually push limits and boundaries that were once thought not possible. I do believe that we all have limits; I just don’t think that we are anywhere close to reaching those limits. 

I have an incredible work ethic and strong attention to detail (qualities of a nerdy engineer by background). I am also a very committed/give 120% person in everything that I do. I am also passionate about helping others achieve their goals and potential through my experiences. One of the many experiences that I have learned is that there are plenty of coaches and training programs out in the market which claim that if you do their program, you will achieve your race goals; however most of these training programs are cookie-cutter/generic weekly training plans. The problem that I have found with most of these training programs is that they do not consider one pretty important component, YOU!! This is just one of the differences that make RACEPEAK unique, not only do we consider and work with YOU but you benefit from the experiences and expertise from the RACEPEAK Team.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Team Slug 50k ULTRA Marathon – Jan 2010 – 1st place Overall (4 hrs 15 mins)
  • Delaware 100 Mile ULTRA Marathon – Sept 2010 – 2nd Place Overall (22 hrs 52 mins)
  • Virginia Double Ironman – Oct 2010 - 4th Overall (29 hrs 35 mins)

Personal Mantras:

“When I feel like I want to quit, I know that I’m at the right effort”

“I don’t stop when I’m tired; I stop when I’m done”

“Stop creating reasons to quit, come up with reasons not to give-up”

Comments from supporters and friends after completing a DOUBLE IRONMAN:

Sam Pasceri Big George! It was a great weekend! Congrat’s on your amazing race. I loved watching you kick it during the run. Who the hell runs a 6:40 pace in a double? Gimme a chance next time! Geesh! ; )

Brandy Kircher You are my IDOL you animal !!!!

Ger Kirwan Sweet holy God… That’s class George… have been following your training and much respect to you………..


§  Rob Wilkinson Incredible!!! You amaze me!!! Well done!!!!

Elizabeth Bittner I am speechless …. you are amazing! !!!

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