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A key differential to race performance for top athletes is their focused attention to training the mind. As we have seen – many great athletes and leaders all have one common attribute – they developed mental strength. This is evident with Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan and other Olympic champions. They spend as much time “training their brains” for a peak performance as they do the actual physical training. How much time do you spend on mental training within your sports related discipline? Our approach includes a customized coaching model with the goal of ensuring each athlete implements the specific action steps to create a comprehensive mental training plan. There are many different components to an effective mental training plan but the starting point is to clearly establish goals, priorities and timelines. It’s important to understand what’s working or not in your training, racing and all other areas of your life. Through our assessment worksheets together we will work to build a manageable action oriented plan. This plan will not be placed on the shelf for review every so often as many “business plans” but will continue to evolve and examined daily along with your physical training plan.


Comprehensive Goal Setting Plan – Through the use of RACE (Realistic, Aggressive, Calendar, Everyday) and TRAIN (Timeline Review, Adjust, I will, Now) goal setting program we partner with our clients and ensure that every day, week and month that there is progression. Through our continuous feedback and weekly conference calls the athlete will be challenged with specific . This is an extensive process and with thorough diligence and persistence to ensure it’s a remarkable plan. This goal setting plan will include other areas of life and time management. The key of balance in life is crucial for peak performances. Conference Calls/Skype calls – Weekly conference calls along with scheduled pre-race “check-in” calls. Beyond The Iron – A training guide for Ultra-Distance Triathlons will be provided to the athlete. Even if your not racing in long distance events, you will benefit from the chapters on specific mental training workouts (building mental strength through physical workouts) along with how to manage your time without giving up your job and family. Mental Training Resources- All future mental training E-books/Podcasts will be provided to all athletes with no fees. Creation of Performance Mental Training Plan, including establishing mental training journal. Also we will review an “identifying statement” along with building a personal mantra as we continue on the journey as partners. Tool Kit – customized tool kit including daily visualization tools, post workout reports Mental Training plans will be prepared for pre-race, race, and post race. Audio MP3 Files - Through the various visualization exercises that will take all 5 senses which make the goals vivid MP3 files will be sent to the athlete to further enhance the Texting/Email Tips of the day/week – Texting tips to nudge the athlete and provide necessary reminders of action items. Highly interactive experience – You can expect gentle “pushing” along with specific assignments every week to ensure the goals get to the Accomplishment area.

As a trusted partner of, Dr. JoAnne Dahlkoetter's offers the following tips to help you build new motivation, confidence and major breakthroughs in your training and in your life.  

10. POSITIVE IMAGES: Use your mental images throughout your event or workout to create feelings of speed and power. (e.g., If you’re walking or running and you come to an unexpected hill visualize a magnet pulling you effortlessly to the top). Use visualization before, during and after your training to build confidence and new motivation.

9. POWER WORDS: Make positive self-statements continually. Be aware of your negative thoughts early on. Don’t fight with them; simply acknowledge their presence, and then substitute positive power words. (e.g., When you’re thinking: “This hurts too much, I want to lie down and die”; say to yourself: “This feeling is connected with getting healthier and doing my absolute best”).

8. PRESENT FOCUS: Practice being in the present moment. Be Right On – Right Here – Right Now. Remind yourself to stay in the here and now. Let past and future events fade into the background. Remember, the only moment we can do anything about is the one we’re in right now.

7. ADVANTAGE: Use everything in the workout to your advantage. For example, if another person passes you, tuck in behind and go with his or her energy for as long as possible. You may catch a “second wind” and be carried on to a personal record.

6. CHUNKING-GOALS: Focus on your immediate target. Break your training goals down into small, manageable pieces and begin to focus only on the first portion, not the entire workout (e.g., Say to yourself: “I’m just relaxing and getting my rhythm during the first mile, or the first workout session”).

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